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Software Engineer / Analyst

Nov 3, 2022

Be(-come) an expert in Automated Source Code analysis – help improve our customers’ source code.

Job Description

BonCode is looking for a Software Engineer who will help build new features into our Source Code analysis Toolkit called BonCat. Besides adding functionality, you will also run the technology in customer assignments. You will be a user of your own code, while seeing tens of customer projects, that we are assessing or monitoring .  We are BonCode, a team of software quality experts serving corporate and government sector clients from The Netherlands, Europe, the U.S. and worldwide.

We have an informal yet professional working culture dedicated to customer success. Our core DNA is always to provide objective, independent, fact-based insights to our customers.

Your Profile

You love software engineering, especially when done right. So you are either highly experienced in software engineering or well educated – or maybe both. In any case, you don’t like mediocre software systems.

You are probably looking to increase your personal impact on quality of projects.

Your New Job

Reporting to our CTO, you will work with in our Tech Team to build new features into our Static Source Code analysis toolkit.

New features can include the implementation of:

  • A new language that we want to add to our capabilities
  • New metrics / new algorithms
  • Improved user interface
  • Additional integration possibilities to external systems

Your main duties will include:

  • Adding functionality to and maintaining our own source code
  • Analysing our customers’ source code by using our tool for customer assignments such as assessments or monitoring
  • Supply our consultants with analysis reports that they will be using in their consulting efforts for clients.

Why is this an interesting job?

We think this is a rare opportunity to see many (many!) software systems in a short notice of time.

Software engineers typically work on one system for a longer period of time, and that is all they see for that period of time. This is not the case at BonCode!

Since our business is assessing and monitoring software of many customers, you will not only work on our own code, but also have the opportunity to analyse/research these (sometimes very large) code bases.

So, you will have the pleasure of working on our own codebase, while glimpsing into many other software development projects. Projects in all kinds of industries, all kinds of functionality, and all kinds of architectures.

This means that in this job, your level of experience will grow faster than in any other software engineering role.

Required Skills and Experience

We consider all levels of experiences for this job.

You understand software development processes, and you are experienced in object oriented programming, preferably Java. Our own tooling is developed in Java, as well as the web application that is built around it. Next to this, experience with web development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, the likes) is a pre as well.

Having said that, and since BonCode analyses any type of code, we do expect that you are knowledgable of, or at least interested in other technologies as well. You can think of .Net, Python, low-code(e.g.: Outsystems). Knowledge of specific frameworks is a pre as well.

We expect that you are knowledgeable on the topic of software architecture.

You must speak and write fluently in Dutch and English.

We will not consider temporary staff for this role.


You may work from your home offices, our stylish office at Alexanderstraat in The Hague or our Tech Office in Apeldoorn. Our offices are inspiring and enjoyable environments easily accessible by public transport, bicycle, and car.

What we offer

Above all, we offer an opportunity to encounter many different customers and software systems.

We offer a competitive salary—according to candidates’ skills and experience, five weeks annual holiday plus public holidays.

You can join our Employee Participation Plan. Conditions apply. For suitable candidates, there are opportunities for further growth in management positions.


For a more detailed job description or to discuss this opportunity, please contact: