BonCode for OutSystems

Assess the future-proofness of your OutSystems solution using our automated source code analysis for low-code software.

Manage your quality risks

OutSystems is a wonderful development platform, yet from a management or risk perspective it is not different from any other development platform. We are independent experts in software quality, who have witnessed the serious consequences that poorly developed software can have on business, productivity and job satisfaction.

We have specialized in OutSystems, by optimizing our tooling, dashboard and approach to the specific characteristics of the OutSystems platform.

By continuously monitoring whether applications have been developed correctly and optimally, we ensure that your risks are transparent and manageable.

Automated Function Point Analysis
The revival is here

Even though the technology and methods exist for over almost half a century now, Function Point Analysis (FPA) is back.  Function Point Analysis allows you to size and estimate the cost of work on systems. The rising popularity of FPA is no surprise. The world of low-code software languages might be the cause, because high productivity claims by low-code platforms can be supported by fact-based results from Function Point Analysis.

The BonCode platform will support your internal discussions with facts from our Function Point Analysis. Together with time tracking data from your software teams, you can provide useful metrics such as the productivity of your teams.


Quantify functionality

Quantify the amount of business functionality a system provides to its users and it relates to the code quality and size. 

Productivity benchmarking

Measure the internal productivity and effectiveness of your development team to optimize team focus and output.

Estimate costs of maintenance

Determine how costly a system is to maintain, based on the size of the system in function points.

Objective answers

How big is system “A”? Is system “A” bigger than system “B” and by how much? How much will it cost me to build system “A”?

Progress vs Quality

A delicate balance

Shipping new features and improvements to your customers is a priority on every roadmap. Quality is not a goal in itself, especially if it’s not explicitely demanded by your customers. It’s an ongoing challenge to find balance between progress and long-term quality, to ensure customer retention and prevent unexpected costs and brand damage at a later stage.

Because the findings from our platform are actionable, we enable you to optimize the quality of your OutSystems solution without compromising on progress.

    Measuring productivity

    Benchmark & Monitor

    Discussing productivity in your organization can be a sensitive topic. Low levels of productivity at your workplace can affect employee morale, hinder efficiency and affect profit margins. It is usually the result of a number of internal issues through various layers of an organization.

    Our platform will make it easier for you to stay objective during your internal discussions, by providing you with facts about team productivity in your OutSystems platform. By benchmarking your productivity in OutSystems and measuring it over time, we will enable you to monitor progress and break the downwards spiral.

      OutSystems best-practices & ISO 25010 

      Measuring many things

      Asking what we measure is like asking a doctor what he measures. In short: we measure what’s needed and our measurements are rooted in the standards of ISO 25010.

      Key factors we measure include:

      • Unit size: Large units of code are less readable, testable and maintainable.
      • Code Duplication: If you have duplicated code, the maintenance effort is duplicated, the risk for errors is duplicated.
      • Code complexity: Highly complex modules are not well understandable, testable, readable and adaptable.

      The reports from our platform will provide you with insights at a management level and from the generic ISO 25010 perspective, which makes it a valuable, actionable and overarching addition to the already great Architecture Dashboard (AD) that the OutSystems platform offers.

      What you’ll get

      ACtionable & INDEPENDENT Objectivity



      OutSystems benchmark

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      What makes us different

      Why BonCode?

      We are independent

      We operate completely free from the influence of any other organization. All our pricing is based on fixed scope-dependent fees instead of ever-increasing hours.


      We avoid assumptions by using our objective BonCat-platform and being fully transparent about the sources and insights we provide.

      Actionable for any role

      Our findings include concrete follow-up tasks that are optimized for the various layers in your organization.

      Industry veterans

      We are experts in software quality with a demonstrable track-record in analysing and safeguarding highly complex software.

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