OutSystems Benchmark

OutSystems Benchmark for technical debt and productivity launched by BonCode.

Leading OutSystems customers like Vopak and Plangroep (part of Cohedron) joined a benchmark regarding the implementation of Core Enterprise Systems with the OutSystems Platform.

A collaborative effort

theory meets practice

The independent benchmark was designed together with Professor Joost Visser of Leiden University. In November 2021, Joost Visser chaired the first OutSystems Benchmark meeting. Professor Michel Chaudron of Eindhoven University of Technology has taken over from Joost and now leads the Benchmark.



The OutSystems Benchmark

The objective of this benchmark is to compare how well companies are doing when implementing OutSystems to run core systems. This is of particular importance since full stack application development platforms like OutSystems are being used for business-critical applications. Having high technical debt, low maintainability or low productivity of development teams hampers business agility.



Size & Growth

By automated Function Point Analysis, (based on IFPUG ISO-20926 standard).

Technical Quality

By automated source code analysis (based on maintainability ISO-25010 standard).

Team Productivity

By combining Size & Growth metrics with effort data.

Operational Stability

Not supported yet, aimed at autonomy and availability.

Size & Growth

improve project estimation

Example insight in the correlation between technical and functional size of your solution in comparison with the industry.




Software Quality

A delicate balance

Example insight in the correlation between functional size and technical quality of your solutions in comparison with the industry.





build and evolve systems

Example insight in your productivity for a development team per sprint in comparison with the industry average.





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Curious to see where you stand? Join the OutSystems Benchmark by monitoring your portfolio. Recieve a benchmark report each semester on top of monitoring software quality and functional growth.

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OutSystems benchmark

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