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Software Quality Consultant

May 10, 2021

Help our customers improve their software

Function Description

The BonCode Software Quality Consultant works in-house on two types of customer assignments:

First, he/she answers one-off research questions from our customers regarding their software development projects.  Example questions are: “What is the current quality of my software?  And can the software be maintained by a third party at reasonable cost over the coming years?”  Or: “What are the risks if I migrate my software system to the cloud?”

The Software Quality Consultant measures the customer’s codebase and also visualizes the realized software architecture. For this activity our own tooling, named BonCat, is used. As a follow up the results will be analyzed, in consultation with colleagues, in order to answer the customer’s research questions. Before preparing the final presentation all findings will be validated with some stakeholders within the development team at customer side. This sometimes leads to tough discussions  if the fact-based analysis differs from what was expected. Your challenge (and specialty) is to get everyone involved on the same page, to take the right approach and to advise the customer on how to set the right priorities. All based on facts.

Secondly, a Software Quality Consultant monitors strategic software projects for customers. Customers are often very interested in trends. How does software quality develop during the development project? How productive are the teams? Are we building up technical debt?

For these projects automated measurements take place. This is often done every sprint, but more and more customers ask for a daily view.  Based on the trends generated by BonCat, you guide the customer to keep the project under control. Your guidance will be relevant for (and adjusted to) the different levels within the customer organization. Developers will be enabled to improve the code on the short term and senior management will have a fact-based insight in the productivity of the teams and the risk profile.

Bottomline your advice will enable a good balance between speed and quality of the software development.

BonCat can measure a wide range of software development environments. From C#, Java to low code platforms like OutSystems. And if we can’t measure it with BonCat today, we can next week.

Your Profile

You are probably now a software architect. You have extensive programming experience, but you no longer want to be limited to software engineering as the main task. Software quality is part of your DNA but you fully understand the difficulty of  balancing  delivering functionality in the short term on the one hand and delivering maintainable and secure code for the long term.

Your new job

Your responsibilities will include:

  • For customers:
    • Measuring customers’ code using BonCat;
    • Analyzing the results and giving explanation to that analysis (often this is done by sparring with your BonCode colleagues);
    • Interview application owners to understand the business context of an application
    • Interview lead architects and / or project leads to understand the technical decisions taken and validate findings
    • Prepare reports (which both have sufficient technical depth and are understandable to non-technical people of the customer);
    • Presenting and validating the results of the software analysis with the lead architects and lead developers
    • Formulating recommendations to the client with your project team, that are backed by the findings you collected
  • Internally at BonCode:
    • Contribute to the further development of BonCat, our tooling, this can be done by proposing new features, but you can also contribute to the code development;
    • Pre-sales support
    • Research

 You will report to the CTO and will work closely with the Head of Sales and the CEO.

As a Software Quality Consultant, you must stand “above the code and above the parties” and have (and be able to contribute) expertise across a wide range of technologies.

BonCode does not have a preference for one technology or another, but we do expect you to know which technology is more obvious in a given situation than another.

Of course you have knowledge of modern software development strategies, frameworks and general trends in the IT industry. Knowledge and experience with low code (e.g. OutSystems) is an advantage. Knowledge of software metrics is an advantage. Terms such as ISO 25010, ISO 5055, Function point analysis, backfiring could be familiar to you.

In addition to technical depth, gained by having developed software ourselves, we also expect empathy and communication skills from our consultants. 

Sometimes, on the basis of disappointing quality of the system measured, we have to send a bad message. That takes tact. The customer expects a practical and achievable strategy based on the measurements, analysis and interpretation.

Fluent speaking and writing skills in the Dutch and English language are a must.

We have opportunities for people with less experience and for people with extensive experience. In one case you will receive more guidance and in the other case you will soon be assigned projects independently.

Why and for who is this an interesting job?

The main cool thing about this job is that you will encounter (and learn from) a lot of interesting software development projects, coming from a variety of companies in numerous industries and countries, using an enormous diversity of technologies with all levels of maturity.

Additionally, acting as an external assessor of software, based on source code analysis, gives an extremely satisfying basis of facts to give recommendations on. You can really make an impact on customers’ projects, because the facts derived from BonCat don’t lie.

So, if you like to concentrate on one project at a time for a longer period of time, this is probably not your job. Likewise: If you like to spend 100% of your time programming, this is not your job.  (You still could apply as a software engineer!). And if you are interested only to talk conceptually and theoretically: not your job.

But if you like to really understand what can be done to build high quality software, help customers to manage their team towards optimal technical quality and are not afraid to dive into the nitty gritty architectural details and present to management  as a tech consultant, this could be your dream job.

About BonCode

BonCode was founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs who have earned their credits in the field of automated source code analysis. Since our founding, we served more than 40 customers. You will work in a dedicated small team of two or three people on a group of around 10-15 customers.

The working atmosphere is informal and professional, focused on the success of the customer (because that’s the basis for our success). 

We work for impressive customers ranging from large American IT companies, through stock exchange-listed Dutch companies to medium-sized software houses and package suppliers. Currently we also have projects in Kazakhstan and Japan and expect more of those. The government also regularly calls on us.

Our core DNA is that we always want to provide objective, independent and fact-based insights to our customers.

We currently work from our home offices or from The Hague Tech in The Hague. An inspiring environment full of tech startups, easily accessible by public transport, bicycle and car.

Read more about us: About us

What we offer

Above all, we offer an opportunity to come into contact with many different software systems. That is inherent and especially nice about what we do.

Our terms of employment are good and tailored to the experience and knowledge you bring in. Think of a salary between € 3.500,– and € 7.500,– per month, excluding holiday pay and travel allowance.

For key employees (and this function is included) there is the possibility to participate in an Employee Participation Plan.

Depending on your experience and ambition, there are opportunities for further growth to management positions.


  • Mail: recruitment@boncode.nl
  • Phone: CTO Jeroen Meetsma / +31 6 53 88 26 48
  • Phone: CEO Jan Willem Klerkx / +31 6 51 33 35 33