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Realizing the roadmap of the product you are working on can be a bumpy ride. While working on a specific feature, requests for other features and improvements keep coming in. Often you are the first to realize that shortcuts have ended up in the code, to meet the strict progress deadlines of your leadership and demanding customers.

While both quality and progress are both important, it’s not always easy to convince your stakeholders about investing in long-term improvements to your code.

At BonCode we understand your challenge and we would like to support it with what we are good at: independent & actionable facts about your code.

Convincing facts

When meetings end up in ‘opinion wars’ or even downright authoritarian behaviour, things can escalate quickly. Once you start bringing independent facts to your co-workers and leadership, discussions can become more constructive, because you will step past the domain of opinions and assumptions.

The BonCode solution will help you expose the strong and weak parts of your software, in an objective and actionable way. Our automated code analysis will help you review the quality of your code and provide you with concrete tasks for improvement. Our reports are optimized for various roles of the organization, including developers and IT/product managers. 

Unbiased code assessment

Reviewing your own code is a risk in itself. By using the BonCode platform you will ensure that all your findings are fully independent and unbiased.

Monitor code & architecture quality

Keep an eye on the quality of your code and architecture over time, so that you can balance short term and long term improvements.

Inform your stakeholders with facts

You are the expert at coding. By bringing undeniable evidence to your team meetings, it will become easier to inform your stakeholders.

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