Keeping track of software quality while working from home

by | Oct 2, 2020

B O N C O D E   A R T I C L E

Chances are during the pandemic your teams all transitioned into working remotely. If so: Communication is key in working efficiently and goal oriented, but the stress working from home may hold back your teams and limit their performance. Do they miss the informal chitchat about the current projects around the watercooler or coffee machine? When teams are developing remotely it’s more important than ever to have proper team alignment on the architecture & design of the project. How to facilitate the team that they stick to agreed architectural principles?

Enhance the sprint cycle

In order to facilitate your team  and prevent loss of architectural  control, automated software quality monitoring can be added to your Sprint Cycle. A shared dashboard representing architectural issues and software quality issues brings value from engineer to boardroom.  When the dashboard results are discussed in regular sprint meetings, the focus on architecture is established.

Software developers will get Quick Wins, Management will get insight on Architectural issues / Productivity and System Owners will have Decision Support / Enhanced Risk Management. The team will be aligned.

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