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What if… you would have all the facts to control the future value of your software?

Automated source code analysis to provide insights

Software quality analysis

We are independent experts in software quality who have witnessed the serious consequences that poorly developed software can have on the businesses, productivity and job satisfaction of people.

Using automated source code analysis we gather facts about your software. The insights are used to create awareness from development team and middle management, all the way up to the board and investors, triggering a positive chain reaction of constructive discussions.

Adapting to the world of tomorrow

Staying in control

We believe that objective insights in your organisation are vital to long-term success. After all, it’s hard to make meaningful choices for tomorrow if you don’t have all the facts of today on the table.

If you have all the relevant measurements, indicators and trends at hand, you can create balance between short-term and long-term priorities in an objective way.

Balancing short
and long term

Your challenge

We live and work in an era of self-driving cars, global digital presence, high-speed startups with agile software teams and demanding customers.

Focus on short-term progress and dealing with changing circumstances is strong. It makes it easy to forget that you need to create a solid foundation for the long-term as well.

What makes us different

Why BonCode?

We are independent

We operate completely free from the influence of any other organization. All our pricing is based on fixed scope-dependent fees instead of ever-increasing hours.


We avoid assumptions by using our objective BonCat-platform and being fully transparent about the sources and insights we provide.

Actionable for any role

Our findings include concrete follow-up tasks that are optimized for the various layers in your organization.

Industry veterans

We are experts in software quality with a demonstrable track-record in analysing and safeguarding highly complex software.

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