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Keeping your business on track, as well as your team and investors happy, can be both very rewarding and challenging. It requires a lot of effort to align internal and external interests with both short term and long term goals. Focus on short-term progress and dealing with changing circumstances can be strong and it makes it easy to forget that you need to create a solid foundation for the long-term as well.

Tackling low productivity, high costs, unhappy customers or brand damage as the consequence of software issues can be tricky.

At BonCode we understand your challenge and we would like to support it with what we are good at: independent & actionable facts about your software and team productivity.

Insights for all stakeholders

Whether you are talking to your investors or internal team: they expect you to be transparent and come up with meaningful insights and targets. The more objective these insights are, the easier it will become to convince these stakeholders.

BonCode will enable you to put a concrete number on ‘fuzzy’ and opinion-sensitive topics like software quality and productivity.

Our reports are optimized for your board perspective, but also contain many rich and actionable details for your middle management and development team. Once you have benchmarked the initial software quality and productivity, you can automatically monitor progress and trends over time.


Expose structural issues

Our findings are fully independent and actionable, enabling you to structurally change internal processes & goals.

Monitor productivity and software costs

Prevent unpleasant surprises by making software costs and required resources more predictable.

Risk management

Once you have undisputed facts on the state of your software and team output, it will become much easier to assess your business risks.

Let's discuss minimizing risk!

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