How function point analysis helps the management of Low-code software development projects

by | Jul 2, 2020

B O N C O D E   A R T I C L E

Function points, aren’t these something from the mainframe and client-server time? Old-fashioned, labour-intensive, inaccurate and unpopular? These are reactions that might arise when it comes to discussing function point analysis. For those less familiar with it: Function points are a volume measure of how much functionality a software system has (or how much functionality needs to be built).

How do these support organizations in 2020 in a modern world in which we work agile and where the adoption of low-code increases significantly?

We believe that Function Point Analysis still provides a valuable perspective on productivity, especially for low-code development. For example to estimate a project in advance, but also to measure the progress of a project or to provide insight into the productivity of a team.
How much functionality has the team delivered the last sprint? Do teams become more productive over time? Can we see trends?

All these questions challenge the core promise of agile and low-code: higher productivity in your software development teams and more functionality in less time through less coding. Function points provide more and more reliable insight into the team’s performance. Submitted hour reports and closed user stories only tell half the story. After all, how do you know whether your teams optimally use the benefits of a low-code platforms like OutSystems if you don’t measure how much functionality your teams produce over time?

Mark Boerekamp (Partner IG&H) adds:

“The Function Point Analysis of BonCode for OutSystems makes it possible to make the productivity of teams transparent in relation to the code quality delivered. This means that we can manage projects together with our customers based on independent facts”.

Function Point Analysis in BonCode Dashboard

Upon customer request, BonCode has added Function Point Analysis to its analysis tooling. It’s fully automated and highly accurate.

BonCode Dashboard
Function Point Analysis in BonCode Dashboard

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