How Product Owners Can Maximize Long-Term Value Through Software Quality

by | Dec 12, 2023

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Product Owners – the people responsible for managing and maximizing a software product’s value – face the constant challenge of balancing budgets with business needs in pursuit of the product goal. At the same time, they’re accountable for delivering value to internal and external stakeholders. 

It’s not easy to get the balance right. Setting priorities for the product backlog requires both a business brain and a good technical understanding in order to deliver value. That’s where an independent software assessment can help. 

Mitigate the risk of low-quality code

As part of an iterative approach to software development, Product Owners are tasked with prioritizing work to achieve the product goal. Sometimes, this can lead to developers cutting corners to accelerate development. Short-term functionality starts to win out over long-term maintainability. Low-quality, malicious, or copyrighted code can start creeping into your codebase. 

As low-quality code accumulates, so do vulnerabilities that can threaten software functionality and business continuity. When this starts to happen, development teams have to spend more time putting out fires and less time building new features and functionality. You might have Quality Assurance (QA) testing in place, but without specialized tooling, it’s not possible to have eyes on everything. 

To spot the dangers early, and take corrective action quickly, Product Owners can benefit from an independent, fact-based assessment of their code. It gives them the oversight needed to balance short-term gains in functionality with long-term gains in stability and value.

See your code through independent eyes

Even when QA testing is baked into the software development process, it can be hard to get an objective view of quality, especially when development is outsourced or carried out across multiple teams. That’s because when not defined and measured centrally, quality standards vary. 

To ensure the security and maintainability of your software, consistency is key. You can only make so many patches and fixes before software requires a significant and fundamental update. The only way to ensure the health of your software systems is to see it through independent, expert eyes.

Through tool-based consultancy – software assessment and software monitoring – it’s possible to shine a light on your code and surface threats before they become a real danger. Think of it as an early warning system for Product Owners. 

Independent software assessment exposes flaws in code quality so that Product Owners can take timely action and look after the long-term value of their software.

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