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Assessing the long term risk of a potential investment can be tricky, especially if IT or software products are involved. Without dedicated knowledge it is hard to evaluate the true state of the IT part of your investment.

Pitches from company founders can be very positive, which makes you wonder which parts they are unaware of, or they don’t want you to know. Transparency and objective insights are key in your decision-making process.

At BonCode we understand your challenge and we would like to support it with what we are good at: independent & actionable facts about the software side of your investment.

Assessing your risk

Using the BonCode platform we will conduct a software due diligence audit on your potential investment. This will enable you to put a concrete number on ‘fuzzy’ and opinion-sensitive topics like software quality, and stimulate the company’s board to use your findings as a starting point for improvement.

Our reports are optimized for your perspective as an investor, but also contain many rich and actionable details that you can share with the involved company. Once you have benchmarked the initial state of the IT, you can automatically monitor progress and trends over time.


Software due diligence

Assess the true state of the IT and therefore the risk of your potential investment.

Unbiased investment monitoring

Once you decide to invest in a company, you can assess progress over time in an unbiased, actionable way.

Competitive advantage when selling

Once the time has come to sell your investment, the BonCode platform will enable you to be transparent about the IT side of your investment. 

Let's discuss software due diligence!

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