BonCode for
IT/Product managers

Life in management can be both very rewarding and challenging. Gaining the trust of your team, your upper management and your customers at the same time is a tough task that should not be underestimated. Balance between short term deliverables and ramping up long-term quality is an ongoing battle. Relying too much on opinions, assumptions or incorrect judgements can backfire at some point.

At BonCode we understand your challenge and we would like to support it with what we are good at: independent & actionable facts about your software and development team productivity.

Facts as a powerful tool

If meetings with your teams and stakeholders are based on opinions and assumptions rather than facts, the risk of miscommunication is large and this can lead to eroded trust and in the end, escalation. As soon as you bring independent evidence to the table, discussions become more constructive.

Where other solutions are often aimed at developers only, we have created a managed service that delivers actionable insights to all layers of your organisation. Our reports are optimized for both your developers and upper management, by presenting the facts about your software with the appropriate level of detail and recommendations.

Monitor quality & productivity

Keep an eye on the quality of your software and the effectiveness of your team’s actions.

Gain trust and confidence

Gain the trust of both your team and upper management by backing your decisions with objective facts.

Validate assumptions with evidence

Check and support your vision and decisionmaking with fact-based measurements.

Let's discuss quality and productivity!

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